Mara | Short Film | 2K16

MARA is the film-noir thriller based on complexive schema coherence to explicable dimensions of human’s intellectuality

This Story Deals With The Tale of an unsuccessful film maker who tries to get back from his failure through his dreams by surpassing dimensions through his dreams

Team – Pathuman , Thanussayan, Ranojan, Kaneestan, Jasinthakumar, Milojan, Arunyan, Thanushan, Jathushan, Lavan, Renujan, Abiraj, Piriyankan, Kokilan, Kishokar, Thuvijanan, Vajeevan, Raveenan, Danushan, Tharsigan, Niroopan, Jeganirooban, Priyankan, Dushyanthan, Elankeeran

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